The Planet’s Clarion Call

For decades, we have produced most of our food through industrial agriculture, using massive amounts of chemicals that have damaged the ecosystem.

Today, global farming practices account for


Freshwater use


Land surface use


Greenhouse gas


Soil pollution

Agriculture, then, is taking a massive toll on the health of our planet. We are all aware of the warnings as well as distress signals the planet has been sending our way. To take heed and change our actions will be to change the bleak narrative about our planet’s future.

It's time to ReEarth

To create sustainable livelihoods, feed a growing population, and safeguard the ecosystem; agriculture should neither deplete nor damage the environment.

Sustainable farming is, at heart, a holistic approach to farming.

It seeks to farm in ways that are sustainable based on society’s needs. It views each farm as a system, recognizing that any changes made to one component of the farm will affect the other components.

In recent years, there has been an additional focus on ‘enough food’ with ‘good food’

Society has rising expectations of farmers to reduce their impact on the environment, to increase the nutritional content of crops, and to further minimize chemical residues in crops and the environment.

At Privi, we strive to retain, restore, reshape sustainable agriculture to elevate the lives of farmers, livestock animals, and communities around the world.

The ReEarth Movement

Our purpose

Reclaiming the future through sustainable agriculture.

To restore the planet by finding proper equilibrium between agricultural productivity and the preservation of our ecosystem. By developing innovative solutions to address the ever-changing and ever-growing needs of the agricultural sector whilst playing our bit in achieving environmental sustainability amidst pressing global challenges. To give this planet a future and our future generations a planet. Through sustainable agriculture.

Our plan of action

Micro Input. Macro Impact. Zero Residue.

Our solutions

Our solutions will be the micro doses of great power that will have a macro impact on agriculture and its output and leave no damage behind. Our solutions will be eco-friendly and aid in growing more while using less natural resources and preserving the environment without causing any side effects.Through powerful soil, crop, human, and animal nutrition solutions we will shape a healthier tomorrow for our planet.

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Building resilience and intelligence in food production


Discovering solutions that are applicable across crop categories to positively transform farming, rooted in sustainability. Collaborations with leading institutions to bolster the strength of our formulations and their applications.

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Developing eco-friendly products to maximize food production while minimizing environmental impact.


Constructive disruption with avant garde technologies and chemistries and their innovative uses to tackle some of the largest, unsolved challenges in life sciences.

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Global reach

Delivering radical solutions that make growing more in less water possible and help in rescuing farmlands. That make healthier crops and larger yields possible to aid carbon sequestration. That solve problems of soil erosion and desertification. That would reverse the damage wrought by agriculture and restore the planet.


Making information and support available to farmers on-ground to help them adopt sustainable farming practices, eco-friendly products as well as tide over various agricultural challenges with timely help and guidance.

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Our commitment

ReEarth for farmers, consumers, partners, employees and investors


With the important role they play on the frontlines of climate change and food security, we believe farmers can truly save the planet. Our eco-friendly solutions are designed to provide them the means to do so while flourishing themselves.

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We are committed to making food safe and more nutritious by making agriculture residue free. Our innovations for human wellness are enabling us to support human health with supplements for a healthier life.


We are dedicated to providing our partners with exceptional collaboration opportunities and sustainable business and revenue growth through our line of innovative products and value-add programs and benefits.

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As a team, we are visionaries who believe and practice sustainability in every way possible. Each of us is motivated to play a part in transforming the world for good by applying our extensive agricultural knowledge and with our commitment to driving the ReEarth manifesto forward.

Careers at Privi


Lead the way in saving the planet. Join us in setting new standards in agricultural sustainability with industry-leading research and development. We present an opportunity to address rapidly growing challenges with game-changing agricultural solutions brought to you by 30 years of robust legacy and credence in agricultural solutions.

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Let’s save our soil before it turns to sand. We owe it to every form of life on the planet. #SaveSoil #ReEarth