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Pioneering green solutions from seed to harvest to reshape the world’s future.



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Vitalizing soil, crop, human, animal health and health of the planet itself

Privi ventured into agricultural solutions with the application of the stabilized OrthoSilicic Acid. With its commercial launch, the company took off to a flying start. Commercially available under the brand name ‘Silixol’ as a speciality nutrient, it is delivering unprecedented results in agriculture as well as in human and animal health today.

Since 2010, Privi Life Sciences has been developing research-based formulations with a focus on improving sustainability in agriculture. With operations in Kenya, a subsidiary company in Rwanda and strong presence in Latin America, USA, Europe, East Africa, and North West Africa, the company’s vision to restore the planet and reclaim the future is taking a global form.

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Our Vision

Micro Input, Macro Impact
Zero Residue

Our Mission

We want to be a company everyone wants to work for,everyone wants to do business with,everyone wants to own

Food shapes our culture, our lives, our economies, our planet.The way our food gets produced impacts us and the environment around us.At Privi Life Sciences, we are ready to unlock agriculture's full potential for a better future

Our Purpose

Reclaiming the future through sustainable agriculture


Our Strengths


To provide greater choices to farmers, delivering superior and innovative range of products that create a significant impact on soil, crop, animal and human wellness.

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Establishing and strengthening constructive partnerships with the leaders in agriculture expand our solutions and reach to upscale our impact.

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Empowering farmers with education to provide knowledge, tools, and operational support for sustainable intensification of agriculture.

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Green chemistry to transform the way food is grown, driven by researchers with multi-disciplinary expertise across plant sciences, agriculture, and chemistries.

Our Projects

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Our Values


Transparency in all operations and dealings is the foundation of honesty and the cornerstone of sustainability in our organisation. By being transparent we ensure the highest quality solutions and fair processes.


We trust our people to drive the mandate of restoring the planet in every aspect of life. At work, we work without barriers knowing that every individual is doing the best possible to achieve our collective purpose as an organisation.


We are dedicated professionals who are passionate about Privi’s purpose and know that teamwork only makes the dream work. We are committed to helping each other do our best in what we do.


Transformation is the way to progress. Through products that will sustainably create a positive impact on soil, crop, human and animal wellness, we will transform the health of the planet itself. While doing so, we will help people transform their own lives and make a bigger impact in the world we all live in.